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April 28, 2013
Johannus has completely revamped many of its organ models with new, updated technology! Here are the highlights of those updates - more details may be found on the individual organ series pages.

  • Opus Organs:
    Improved with a new console design and the new OranjeCore sound technologies.
  • Vivaldi Organs:
    A higher-quality room reverb system that was originally found on the Symphonica organ. Orchestral voices are now a standard feature.
  • Ecclesia Organs:
    Five models to choose from (three with stop tablets, and two with drawknobs).
  • American Classic:
    The American Classic VII has been updated to the American Classic 770, with updated technology and a revamped stoplist.

Used Instruments Available!

A Johannus L.A. client located in Fresno, California has two used instruments available. The first is a Johannus Sweelinck 37 organ built in 2007 with many customizations. The second is a Roland RD-700 digital piano with accessories. Both are available at a substantial discount.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Johannus L.A. Thank you!

About Johannus L.A.

Johannus LA
(Above) Jim and Eileen Raycroft with Vice President Gert Stoffer at the Johannus woodworking plant.

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