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September 1, 2014
Johannus is proud to introduce the Monarke III, bringing the best pipe organ features to a digital instrument! For more information, photos, and a downloadable brochure, click the "Monarke III" link in the menu to the left, or click here!

Used Instruments Available!

A Johannus L.A. client located in Fresno, California has two used instruments available. The first is a Johannus Sweelinck 37 organ built in 2007 with many customizations. The second is a Roland RD-700 digital piano with accessories. Both are available at a substantial discount.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Johannus L.A. Thank you!

About Johannus L.A.

Johannus LA
(Above) Jim and Eileen Raycroft with Vice President Gert Stoffer at the Johannus woodworking plant.

Thanks for stopping by our website. Johannus L.A. was founded in 1996, a banner year for the Johannus Organ Company of Holland, and is dedicated to reaching the musical community with integrity and a focus on music-making.

The Johannus Organ Company is the fastest growing organ manufacturer in the world. Their dedication to excellence in sound and craftsmanship make their products second to none. Join us for a stroll through the wonderful world of Johannus.

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